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Batavia University - Environmental Studies Field Degree Programs&Literature Programs

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Tomorrow's Education Technology, Delivered Today.
We are now accepting enrollments for the Spring 2008 Semester (Commences January 14th, 2008) . Click on our free enrollment application to enroll, or browse our site for more information.
We now offer Field Based Environmental Studies Classes and degree programs in addition to our online environmental studies degree offerings. These classes are 100% in the field, giving you a distinct advantage over book learning; you'll actually live it rather than just reading about it. Featured programs include primate studies, cultural studies, komodo studies and vulcanology at some of the world's best field sites to observe these phenomena firsthand throughout the archipelago of Indonesia. Click here for more information.


Welcome to the future of higher education. At Batavia University you will receive a first-rate education without a first-rate price tag.
We are a non-profit organization subsidized by the International Conservation Society. As such we are commited to providing quality education in interest of preserving our environment at minimal cost to our students.
Our first step in saving you money is by not charging you for books. What most universities do not tell you is that all the reading material necessary for virtually every academic subject is available free of charge at public domain websites. This is because they would rather charge you hundreds to thousands of dollars per semester for textbooks alone. In our course modules we will direct you to all the appropriate links- just point, click and read. Additional reading materials may be available in our online bookstore for optional purchase, but is never required.
Though we have been primarily a distance learning institution we operate out of Indonesia, where we have just introduced a large number of hands-on, 100% field-based environmental courses. . This assures us virtually no overhead, and we pass the savings onto you without compromising quality or standards.
This also allows us to deliver the best possible online and field based environmental studies degree program as some of the richest and most unique biodiversity in the world is right in our own backyard. Indonesia is the in the midst of the ring of fire, as well as on a subduction hub. Several of the largest volcanic eruptions in history also took place here. These facts are a tremendous boon to our Geology, Vulcanology, Oceanography and Seismology programs.
We are also located right on the edge of the Wallace Line, allowing a unique opportunity to study the line and the phenomena on both sides of it up close and personal.
Even our field-based classes can be offered at an incredible discount. Because they are 100% field based we can actually provide a higher quality of education at a lower cost, We do not require a physical campus, though we are located at the International Conservation Society headquarters in one of the most important rainforests in the world- the Leuser Ecosystem.  This strategic location at the entrance to the Gunung Leuser National Park and Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Bukit Lawang, Indonesia provides just about all the facilities needed to conduct most of our environmental studies field courses and degree programs.


Our strategic position in a large and tremendously biodiverse and geologically diverse rainforest national park, combined with our efficient online course delivery and no need to maintain a costly campus assures us that we can give you the most economic possible education. Our access to some of the finest western professors in the world, in a major business city in Asia, allows us to make sure that, despite the Southeast Asian tuition rates, the quality of education our students receive is truly at or above western standards in every possible way. You can be sure that, though we are located in Asia, we are a Western university in every sense of the word. The only difference is the price.
Indonesia being among the greatest ESL markets in the world, we also are able to recruit world class native speaking ESL professors. This makes our online TESOL program, The Brewster TESOL Institute, second to none.
These English professors are also well schooled in classic and modern literature, as well as how to bring literary works to life in the classroom. This enables them to provide an onlne English Literature degree program which is at the very least equivalent to any online English literature degree major provided by a western university.
Medan, Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia act as the base for a large portion of our urban environmental studies paradigms. They lend themselves as a perfect case study of urban environmental management gone awry.


Earn Credit For Life Experience
Though our selection of online course majors is presently limited, we are currently recruiting and expanding to better serve your academic needs.
We can, at this time, however, evaluate a wide range of majors not available as online study programs through prior learning assessment. We believe many of our students have worked hard for knowledge obtained outside the classroom and deserve to be rewarded for that acquisiton.  
Preparing your prior learning portfolio may be a tedious and time-consuming process, perhaps as much so as actually sitting through a traditional class. But after you have completed it you can feel proud, knowing that you have actually earned your degree. That degree will thus mean much more to others and, more importantly, to yourself.
Many institutions limit the number of prior learning credits which can be transferred. This is to force students to pay more money to attend more classes. Many schools also charge usurious per-credit evaluation fees. At Batavia University, however, we believe this is unfair. We only charge a low, one-time evaluation fee for as many credits as you can transfer from other schools or submit in your portfolio. If your portfolio does not meet the rigorous degree requirements our counselors will guide you through additional courses and/or submissions until it does at no extra charge.


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Batavia University
Indra Valley Inn
Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra, Indonesia
Near the Entrance to Gunung Leuser National Park and Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center
Central Administrative Office in Harapan Baru, West Bekasi, Indonesia
We are affiliated with the Global Institute
For more information please contact us at   or +62-(61) 777 98115