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Batavia University - Environmental Studies Field Degree Programs&Literature Programs

Environmental Studies Field Course Tuition

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The price of field courses shall be $3,000 US per semester, inclusive of accommodation, applicable park admission and guide fees, transportation to and from all local field study sites (within the island of West Java), meals, etc. Additional charges will apply to field studies outside the island of Java to defray the cost of transportation, remote guides, necessary gear or vehicle rental, etc.


Note that the following ecursions are optional. Each item in the list can be studied in a simulated environment within the island of Java, but these additional field studies are being offered at a once in a lifetime non-profit rate and will greatly enhance your experience.


Komodo Island Komodo Monitor Studies – Additional $550 US


Borneo Orangutan/Rainforest Ecology & Dayak Culture Field Studies Project - $650 US (Optional – Orangutans may be observed in captive environments replicating their natural habitat within West Java at no additional charge.)


Mount Rinjani Geology or Vulcanology Studies - $500 US. Again, this is totally optional as there are many other volcanos right in our back yard on the isle of Java, but none of the world-beating magnificence of Rinjani.


Tana Toraja Anthropological/Cultural Field Study  - $500 US


Takabonerate Marine Reserve Field Study - $500 US


Combination Tana-Toraja- Takabonerate Study - $750 US


Lake Toba Vulcanology/Batak Cultural Tour- See first-hand the volcano blamed by many for triggering the ice-age.  $200 US.


North Sumatera Orangutan Field Study- $350 US


Comination Lake Toba/Sumatera Field Studies- $450 US


Students shall be responsible for their own immigration costs and processing. Due to the time and expense of obtaining a student visa it is recommended that students obtain 1 month tourist visas on arrival in Indonesia and make visa runs to Singapore at the end of each month. A round trip ticket from Jakarta to Singapore is currently $100 give or take. We will be happy to use our local connections to assist you in obtaining the absolute lowest possible fares.


While in Singapore students are invited to participate in the study programs offered in Singapore, particularly the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Singapore Science Center, Sentosa Island Aquarium and Singapore Harbor Bumboat tour, all of which are richly informative Environmental Studies experiences presented by world-class professionals. Each student will be responsible his/her own admission, but we will make every possible effort to procure a group rate and pass those savings on to you.


Batavia University
Indra Valley Inn
Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra, Indonesia
Near the Entrance to Gunung Leuser National Park and Bohorok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center
Central Administrative Office in Harapan Baru, West Bekasi, Indonesia
We are affiliated with the Global Institute
For more information please contact us at   or +62-(61) 777 98115