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Occupational Therapy Education

Neuroscience Analysis of Occupational Performance
(OCTH 455)
Lecture outlines

These documents are intended as study aids for students enrolled in this course. I strongly recommend you review each outline prior to lecture, as this will facilitate understanding the material! They are general guides to concepts and issues discussed in lectures. Students using these guides should be aware that they are not intended to be all inclusive; evaluations will be based on material discussed in greater detail in lecture, as part of tutorial programs, in handouts, and in assigned readings. Consult your syllabus for further details, or stop by the office.

Look here for the lecture schedule and assigned readings.

Practice questions and case studies are posted on this server to illustrate specific concepts.

Lecture Outlines:

The links below can only be accessed using a computer on the KU Medical Center, KU-Edwards, or KU-Lawrence campuses. If you try to access these links from other sites, a 'Forbidden Access' message will be returned.

Date Topic
Jan 28 Hypothalamus & Autonomic Nervous System
and computer tutorial
Feb 04 Spinal Cord case studies We will discuss these case studies during class, so read & think through them beforehand!
Feb 14 Brain Stem & Cranial Nerve case studies We will discuss these case studies during class, so read & think through them beforehand!
Feb 21 Somatosensory System (for review - this should be familiar to you)
Feb 25 Proprioceptive System
Feb 28 Vestibular System
Mar 04 Auditory System
Mar 04 & Mar 07 Visual System
Mar 11 Sensory Systems Review. We will discuss any questions about the Thought Exercises from each lecture outline as well as work through several case studies during class, so read & think about these materials beforehand!
Mar 28 & Apr 08 Motor Systems Review
View my collection of videoclips illustrating aspects of motor function & dysfunction.
Apr 15 Drugs and the CNS
Apr 18 Olfactory & Limbic Systems
Apr 22 & 25 Cortex (this outline covers several lectures)
Apr 29 Peripheral Nervous System
May 02 Neuroplasticity and Regeneration


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