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Windows 98

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OpSys 121
Mastering Windows 98

A free course of study at Free-Ed.Net

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Lesson 1 What's New in Windows 98?
Lesson 2 Starting and Quitting Windows 98
Lesson 3 Navigating and Controlling Windows
Lesson 4 Getting Help
Lesson 5 An Overview of the Windows Desktop
Lesson 6 Managing Files with My Computer and
Lesson 7 Advanced File Management Techniques
Lesson 8 Managing Files Using Web View
Lesson 9 Working with Disks and Drives
Lesson 10 Backing Up Your Data
Lesson 11 Installing and Managing Applications
Lesson 12 Sharing Data Between Applications
Lesson 13 Printing
Lesson 14 Using Windows Accessories
Lesson 15 Using Notepad and WordPad
Lesson 16 Using Paint and Imaging
Lesson 17 Customizing the Look and Feel of Windows
Lesson 18 Working with Fonts
Lesson 19 Setting Up Windows 98 Multimedia
Lesson 20 Using Windows 98 to Play Games and Watch TV
Lesson 21 Configuring Hardware
Lesson 22 Adding New Hardware
Lesson 23 Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your System
Lesson 24 Working with the Windows Registry
Lesson 25 Special Features for Notebook Users
Lesson 26 Establishing a Dial-Up Internet Connection
Lesson 27 Web Browsing with Internet Explorer 4.0
Lesson 28 Finding, Organizing, and Saving Web-Based Information
Lesson 29 Internet Security
Lesson 30 Web Subscriptions and the Active Desktop
Lesson 31 Using Outlook Express
Lesson 32 Creating Web Pages with FrontPage
Lesson 33 Collaborating and Communicating with NetMeeting
Lesson 34 Configuring Windows Network Components
Lesson 35 Connecting to an Existing Network
Lesson 36 Setting Up a Simple Windows Network
Lesson 37 Sharing Network Resources
Lesson 38 Remote Access with Dial-Up Networking

About This Course

This is a complete course of study for Windows 98. Typical completion time for the course is about 12 weeks.

Bookmark this page--it is the starting point for each lesson. Then click on the lesson (over there in the left-hand column) you want to study. That will take you to a study guide for that lesson. The instructions should be clear at that point.


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