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Pre-Medical Degree Program Requirements and Course Offerings

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General Education Requirements
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The following requirements are in addition to the 60 credits of Batavia University general education requirements:


Core Requirements:                                                                    30 credits


Human Anatomy  (BIO 201)                                                      3 credits


Human Physiology (BIO 206)                                                    3 credits


The Muscoloskelatal System (BIO 208)                                    3 credits


Microbiology (BIO 322)                                                             3 credits


Biochemistry (BIO 437)                                                             3 credits


Medical Terms (MED 101)                                                        3 credits 


Surgery Room Procedures (MED 201)                                     3 credits


Pharmacology(MED204)                                                          3 credits


Obstetrics/Neonatal Health Care (MED308)                          3 credits


NursingTheory  (MED 406)                                                     3 credits 




Additional Requirements:  Choose 6 of the following           18 credits


Radiology                                                                                  3 credits


Cytology                                                                                    3 credits


Cardiology                                                                                3 credits


Endocrinology                                                                         3 credits


The Human Respiratory System                                             3 credits


The Human Reproductive System                                          3 credits


The Human Integumentary System                                       3 credits


Alternative Medicine                                                              3 credits





Free Electives                                                                   12 credits

Choose another 12 credits worth of electives from any subject and discipline.



Course Descriptions:


Human Anatomy  (BIO 201) An introduction to the body’s organs and systems, as well as more detailed study of the diverse cellular componentry of each.


Human Physiology (BIO 206) A more detailed study of such processes as cellular respiration, reproduction, metabolism, etc. within the human body.


The Muscoloskelatal System (BIO 208) A more detailed study of the bones and muscles in the human bodies, including identifications and treatments for various musculoskeletal diseases and ailments.


Microbiology (BIO 322) An in depth analysis of cellular physiological processes, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, detailed study of the processing of nutrients at the cellular level, as well as various types of microbial organisms and their unique physiologies.


Biochemistry (BIO 437) A study of the complex chemical interactions within living organisms and organic compounds, with emphasis on those which occur within the human body.


Medical Terms (MED 101) A  study of important medical words, roots, prefixes and suffixes essential for communication within the medical profession.


Surgery Room Procedures (MED 201) All the basics for maintaining a safe, sanitary and comfortable operating room. Key surgical terminology is learned as well.


Pharmacology(MED204)A review of the basic classes of prescription medications, what parts or systems of the body they effect, and how and why.


Obstetrics/Neonatal Health Care (MED308) Provides a brief overview of maternity care, delivery procedures, complications which can occur during pregnancy and delivery and how to deal with them, neonatal care, as well as introductory insights into post-partum life, care and psychology.


NursingTheory  (MED 406) A theoretical overview of basic nursing terminology and procedures. This is a theory course only and is not intended to meet the practical requirements necessary to practice nursing or medicine.  


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