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Nursing Fundamentals

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Part 1
1-1 Basic Human Needs and Principles of Health
1-2 Communication Skills
1-3 Reaction to Stress and Hospitalization
1-4 Transcultural Factors Influencing Nursing Care
1-5 The Adult Patient Care Unit
1-6 Advanced Principles of Patient Hygiene
1-7 Techniques of Body Mechanics
1-8 Positioning and Ambulating the Adult Patient
1-9 Active and Passive Range of Motion Exercise
1-10 Environmental Health and the Practical Nurse
Part 2
2-1 Assisting with the Physical Examination
2-2 Specimen Collection
2-3 Catheterization Procedures
2-4 Monitoring Vital Signs
2-5 Diet Therapy
2-6 Introduction to Physical Assessment
Part 3
3-1 The Practical Nurse as a Team Leader
3-2 The Practical Nurse as a Teacher
3-3 Perioperative Patient Care
3-4 Preoperative Patient Care
3-5 The Intraoperative Phase
3-6 Recovery Room Care

Fundamentals of Nursing

Never before has there been a greater need for nurses. Never before has health care delivery challenged the nurse's commitment, knowledge, or technical competence more. Issues influencing current health-care delivery focus on promoting wellness, preventing illness, and rehabilitation to increase the patient's independence. This course presents the theory and concepts that a person beginning their study of nursing will need to know in order to develop the knowledge and competence demanded by the complexity of the changing health care system.

This is your chance to learn and develop your skills as LPN, practical nurse, nurses aide, or other professional caregiver.

It is absolutely essential that you regard this course as a study aid.  Procedures involving the use of drugs and invasive procedures must be supervised by licensed professionals in a fully accredited educational institution. Free-Ed.Net, SweetHaven Publishing Services, and their affiliiates will assume no liability for the improper use and consequence of the information contained herein.

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