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Medical Terminology

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Part 1--Introduction

Lesson 1 How to Use Programmed Instruction
Lesson 2 Introduction to Stems, Prefixes, and Suffixes

Part 2--Stems

Lesson 3 Basic Components of Medical Terms
Lesson 4 Stems Pertaining to the Musculoskeletal System
Lesson 5 Stems Pertaining to the Integumentary System
Lesson 6 Stems Pertaining to the Respiratory System
Lesson 7 Stems Pertaining to the Digestive System
Lesson 8 Stems Pertaining to the Accessory Organs of Digestion
Lesson 9 Stems Pertaining to the Cardiovascular System
Lesson 10 Stems Pertaining to the Hematopoietic and Lympathic Systems
Lesson 11 Stems Pertaining to the Endrocrine System
Lesson 12 Stems Pertaining to the Nervous System and Psychiatric Disorders
Lesson 13 Stems Pertaining to the Genitourinary System
Lesson 14 Stems Pertaining to Gynecology and Obstetrics
Lesson 15 Stems Pertaining to the Sensory Organs
Lesson 16 Miscellaneous Stems

Multiple-Choice Exam for Part 2
Matching Exam for Part 2

Part 3--Prefixes

Lesson 17 Prefixes -- General Information
Lesson 18 Prefixes Pertaining to Location
Lesson 19 Prefixes Pertaining to Time
Lesson 20 Prefixes Pertaining to Negation
Lesson 21 Prefixes Pertaining to Amount or Comparison
Lesson 22 Prefixes Pertaining to Color
Lesson 23 Prefixes Pertaining to Size and Position
Lesson 24 Prefixes Pertaining to Miscellaneous Items

Multiple-Choice Exam for Part 3
Matching Exam for Part 3

Part 4--Suffixes

Lesson 25 Suffixes--General Information and Diseases
Lesson 26 Suffixes Pertaining to Diagnosis
Lesson 27 Suffixes Pertaining to Operative Procedures
Lesson 28 Suffixes Pertaining to Symptoms

Multiple-Choice Exam for Part 4
Matching Exam for Part 4

About this Course

This is a complete and self-contained course in modern medical terminology. It is suitable for all students of the health occupations who will have a need to communicate with physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals. Little prior knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology is required.

The actual content of the study units is presented in a "flash card" format. Some of the flash cards present factual material, while others test your recall of the facts.

You can begin the course at your own convenience, and study at your own pace. You are, however, solely accountable for your own standard of acheivement.

The basic material for this course is taken from the U.S. Army manual, Basic Medical Terminology, MD0010
Edition 100

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