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Batavia University - Environmental Studies Field Degree Programs&Literature Programs

Environmental Studies Degree Program Requirements

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Environmental Studies Course Requirements

The environmental studies program is interdisciplinary in nature. It requires 63 credits in addition to the 60 credits of Batavia University’s general education requirements.


Core Requirements:

ENVS 101        The Foundations of Environmental Studies                               6 credits

ENVS 202         Environmental Policy and Law                                                3 credits

ENVS 205         Indigenous People and the Environment                                   3 credits

FOR 101           Introductory Forestry                                                  3 credits

POL 302            Politics and the Environment                                       3 credits

ENVS 236         Environmental Disasters                                                                                              3

PKM 101          Introductory Park Management                                                                                        3

ENVS 138         Introduction to Freshwater Ecosystems                                                                                          3


Choose at least two of the following:

GEO 101           The Fundamentals of Geology                                     3 credits

GEO 302           Environmental Geology                                                                                                3

GEO 301           Physical Geology                                                                                                3

GEO 306           Vulcanology                                                                                          3

GEO 308           Mineral Resources and the Environment                                                                                          3


Choose at least two of the following:

ECO 201           Rainforest Ecology                                                                                                 3

ECO 202           Reef Ecology                                                                                                 3

ECO 203           American Ecology                                                                                                 3

ECO 204           Australian Ecology                                                                                                 3

ECO 205           Indonesian Ecology                                                                                                 3

ECO 206           Wetlands Ecology                                                                                                 3

ECO 207           Riverine and Estuarine Ecology                                                                                                 3








In addition to the above requirements, you must make at least one selection in each of the areas below as follows.

Choose at least one of the following:

OCE 101            Oceanography                                                                                   3

BIO 206             Marine  Biology                                                                                 3


Choose at least one of the following:

CHEM 101  General    Chemistry                                                                   3

CHEM 102        Environmental Chemistry& Toxicology                                    3 credits

CHEM 201        Organic Chemistry                                                                  3 credits


Choose at least one of the following:

CTR 101            General Cultural Resources Management                                3 credits

CTR 201            American Cultural Resources Management                              3 credits

CTR 203            Indonesian Cultural Resources Management                3 credits

CTR 204            Native American Cultural Resources Management                   3 credits

CTR 205            Aboriginal Cultural Resources Management                 3 credits


Choose at least one of the following:


LIT 302             Literature and the Environment                                                3 credits

SOC 302           Environmental Sociology                                                         3 credits

PSY 302            Environmental Psychology                                                       3 credits

HIS 302             History and the Environment                                       3 credits


Choose at least 12 additional credits of free electives



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