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Welcome to the William Shakespeare Institute of Literary Arts program requirements and course offerings section.

English Course Requirements


All course requirements are in addition to the 60 credit hours Batvia University General Education Requirements.


Core Requirements:                                                                  36 credits


Survey of American and British Literature                                      6 credits

Choose one Survey of American Literature course and 1 Survey of British Literature course                                                                                                      6 credits


Shakespeare:                                                                                     6 credits


Introduction to Shakespeare:                                                                 3 credits


Shakespeare Elective:   Choose 1 other Shakespeare course.               3 credits


Choose 1 of the following:                                                                 3 credits


The works of Milton                                                                             3 credits


The works of Chaucer                                                                          3 credits


The works of Dante                                                                              3 credits




Poetry Choose one poetry course from any period.                              3 credits


Choose one of the following:                                                 3 credits


History and Literature                                                                           3 credits


Politics and Literature                                                                           3 credits


Literature and the Environment                                                  3 credits


Literary Electives: Choose any 5 more Literature courses.                 12 credits




                                                                                                            36 credits




Free Electives                                                                                    24 credits


Select an additional 24 credits from any course in any discipline you desire to bring your total to 60 credits.






Literature and the Environment (Lit 302) Addresses both transcendental and artistic environmental literary themes. Includes the works of Thoreau, Dickens, Muir, and others, along with their impact on environmental reform. Also covers poetry dealing with nature and modern song lyrics paying tribute to nature and addressing environmental issues.


An Introduction to Shakespeare (Lit 201) Briefly introduces students to the works of Shakespeare, including his comedies, tragedies, histories and sonnets. Also includes a biographical study of Shakespeare and his Globe Theatre, a historical and political study of Elizabethan England, and a linguistic analysis of Elizabethan English to aid the student in understanding and enjoying Shakespeare’s works.


The Comedies of Shakespeare (Lit 303) Compares and contrasts various Shakespearean comedies, including The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Much Ado about Nothing, and the various types of humor used in each.


The Tragedies of Shakespeare (Lit 304) Compares and contrasts Shakespeare’s major tragedies, including Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Mac Beth, Othello, and Julius Caesar. Discusses the various elements of drama, the fatal flaws of each protagonist, and the political, social, and religious insights made in each play. Students view at least one live or recorded performance of each play in the original Elizabethan English.




The Works of Poe (Lit 308) Explores Poe’s works of mystery and terror, as well as their transcendental and enduring contributions to how short stories are written. These works are compared and contrasted with short stories prior to Poe. Also focuses on Poe’s poetry and his pricelessly eccentric biography.


Horror and Evil in Literature (Lit 310) This course discusses the use evil and terror in the works of prominent writers in the context of their day and age. Authors include Poe, Shakespeare, Stoker, Mary Shelley, Irving, Hawthorne, Dante, etc.


The Evolution of Fantasy (Lit 312) This offering focuses on the fantasy genre’s history, beginning with Beowulf and Lewis Carroll and Arthurian Legend and progressing from Tolkien’s towering Lord of the Rings Trilogy to modern Fantasy masters such as Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind. Also includes the impact of fantasy literature on role-playing games.


Politics and Literature (Lit 315) This course examines authors and works that have been politically critical and/or instrumental in political reform, including those of Machiavelli, Thoreau, Muir, Paine, Locke, Dickens, Carroll, Nursery Rhymes, Chaucer, Shakespeare, etc.


The Bible as Literature (Lit 321) Explores the literary motifs in the bible, as well as the poetry, imagery and symbolism used by various prophets.


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