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British Literature I

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English 200 - A Survey of British Literature to the Restoration - Fall 1997

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Note: All of the works read in this course may be accessed online at no charge by simply typing the appropriate title into your search engine.

New Students' Welcome

Welcome to English 200 on-line, first offered last Spring. I have been revising the course in order to reflect department changes to the curriculum, as well as to incorporate new material. I would be bored if I taught exactly the same thing from one year to the next!

English 200 is the first half of the full-year survey of English literature (note: I am developing English 201, to be offered in the Spring semester), from its beginnings in the Middle Ages up to recent times. Prerequisite to this course is completion, with grades of 'C' or better, of two semesters of first-year university English. The primary aims of the course are to provide students with a basic grasp of the English literary tradition, as well as principles of interpretation. The course, therefore, is a great foundation for further literary study. Of course, an appreciation for some of the works would be great, too!

My experience, such as it is, with on-line instruction has led me to certain conclusions. The first is that we are all in this together, especially as regards the technical and other unique aspects of the course delivery. I ask that you have patience with me, and that we have patience with each other.

I think of the course as a version of a correspondence course, but using new technologies for the corresponding. The material I will post to the course home page is largely text-based. That fact, plus the very nature of the course, means a fair bit of reading. But please feel free to send me messages or even phone me about any aspect of the course. I never want you to feel that you are isolated and unable to reach me or other students.

As far as how the course will run, I will post a new "lecture" each weekend, for you to access and read or download or print. Each one will try to provide background for the week's reading, and ask some "Study questions" which you will respond to by posting to our class listserve. The course readings are already listed on the course outline. You can read them before the week's lecture has been posted, but I'd suggest reading them after so that you have the "lecture" material and the study questions to guide your reading. And don't be shy about checking the other students' postings, and responding to them, throughout any given week.

The other important page for you to be aware of is the assignments page. The work you will need to do to complete the course will be listed and explained on this page.

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Copyright 1997 S.M. Lane

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